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Chimborazo weather:  http://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Chimborazo

Do you want a real adventure? We offer the most spectacular, beautiful and extreme route you can ride in Ecuador, 3 intense days enjoying Guamote the most colourful and traditional Indian market in the Andes, overnight in Andean cabins (chozas), the Atillo lakes in the moorlands and the amazing jungle, riding the route Guamote – Atillo – Macas more than 3300 meters descend from La Mira sector 4200 meters until Macas, one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuadorian Amazonia. 

July 25 / Tulabug Mountain Bike, intermediate level

July 26 / Chimborazo Hike and Bike easy route (we need more interested people)

July 29 / Chimborazo Hike until 5000 meters

July 30 / Chimborazo Hike High Camp 5350 meters

Aug 01 / Chimborazo Hike until 5000 meters

Aug 08 / Pisayambo, Llanganates National Park, Mountain Bike intermediate level