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We have trips and activities for anyone older than 15 years old in reasonably Good Physical Condition, almost all our tours are above 4.000 m /12,200 ft are physically demanding, and your ability to enjoy the trip depends on your overall health and fitness. Your trip will be more rewarding for yourself and others if you prepare for it by conditioning properly. But the most important requisite is to have an adventurous attitude.


To make it easier to find the trip that's right you, please read our activity graded tours:
• Easy trips- This rating entails short hiking and no more than 2-3 hours for mountain biking, (over three to six hours total).
• Moderate trips- Tours between 2-4 hours of activity, continuous riding sections with rest stops, not much mountain biking experience required, (over six to eight hours total)
• Difficult trips- Our most strenuous program requires excellent physical conditioning and advanced biking skills. (Trips between eight to ten hours total).


• Wind proof jacket and pants
• Sunglasses
• Sun protection
• Small backpack
• Photo camera
• Cycling shorts
• Sport shoes or light boots